Five years have passed from the initial idea to the finished VENYA brand. A whole team of experts from dermatologists and cosmetologists accompanied us during the development. In doing so, we brought the latest scientific findings into line with our credo: "From the skin, for the skin". The result is a highly effective care series for the face with ingredients that are adapted to the skin's natural essence.

All VENYA products with their biomimetic and acidic formulas bring the skin back into its natural balance - because that is exactly what it needs for healthy aging. The care line is based on a simple, intuitive application, which can be carried out in five steps morning and evening.


At VENYA, we build on the intelligence of nature and have therefore developed our skin care line based on the model of the skin. Biomimetic* active ingredients such as lipids identical to the skin's own, vitamins and moisturising factors stimulate the skin's natural repair and regeneration system. This is how a sustainable healthy aging effect can be achieved.

*biomimetic [Greek: bios = life, mimētikos = mimicking]

pH 4.9

The acidic pH in the stratum corneum (uppermost layer of the epidermis) is an essential component of our skin's protective system. By consistently adjusting all products to a pH of 4.9, VENYA promotes skin health. The skin's natural barrier function and microbial balance are strengthened as a defence shield against harmful microorganisms. In addition to the improved protective function, the acidic pH also promotes the work of many skin enzymes.



One of the most important tasks of the skin is not only to prevent the penetration of harmful substances, but also to keep the moisture in the cells. Our uppermost skin layer consists of horny cells, which are surrounded by special fatty substances (lipids). Ceramides and free fatty acids, which are arranged in layers similar to lamellae and play a decisive role in the formation of the skin's protective barrier, are of particular importance among the lipid substances.

The composition of our VENYA creams is based on this blueprint of the biological skin barrier. Lipids and ceramides identical to the skin's own form a lamellar structure that supports the regeneration of the skin barrier and increases its protective function. Moisture is thus safely retained in the skin, while free radicals are successfully fended off.
Thus the basis of our creams is already an active ingredient.


Moisture is the key to beautiful, radiant skin. Nature has therefore equipped our skin with a network of channels that transports moisture to the deeper layers of the epidermis. Our VENYA serum activates the skin's own water channels, known as aquaporins, and supplies the skin with beneficial moisture from within.

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