Mask, oil or serum? AHHH - no woman can see through that anymore. What do we really need to lovingly accompany our skin as it grows older? A serum, of course! No woman over 35 should do without it in her beauty routine. This little miracle cure is simply incredibly good for the skin. Because the high concentration of active ingredients in a serum provides a visible care kick. With its extremely light texture, it penetrates even the deeper skin layers without any problems. Okay, a serum, but which active ingredients have the best anti-aging effect?

Uhhh, hold on! Anti-aging - what exactly is that supposed to mean? Can cosmetic products really stop the aging of the skin? No, they can't. There is no such thing as anti-aging. We all "age" every day. And no product can stop it, no matter how expensive it is. However: with the right skin care routine, we can help our skin to age in a beneficial and healthy way. Healthy aging is the order of the day. It's about keeping the skin in its natural balance by giving it back what it loses as it ages. Because unfortunately, the body's own production of lipids, hyaluronic acid, collagen and other substances slows down over the years. Our skin therefore becomes drier and drier and forms wrinkles. It longs for intensive, deep moisturisation. And this is exactly what a serum can give it immediately. With a complex of highly concentrated active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5 and peptides that work in perfect harmony to ensure that the skin receives plenty of new moisture, that its protective layer reliably retains this moisture and that its elasticity and resilience is regenerated. Natural processes that the skin knows, that are best stimulated again with active ingredients that are close to the skin's own. For example, hyaluronic acid, which binds large quantities of valuable moisture and makes the skin look firmer and firmer, letting us forget annoying dryness wrinkles. Or peptides that activate collagen production, strengthen the elastic network of collagen fibres and wonderfully relax the muscles of facial expression.

Good to know: Skin care that is pH-adjusted can demonstrably help support the skin's protective mantle and thus maintain the skin's barrier function and ecological balance.

November 2020

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