Fragrances are a wonderful signature for any cosmetic brand and also ensure emotional recognition. They have the fantastic ability to pass into our brains unfiltered, directly into the limbic system responsible for our emotions. If a fragrance awakens positive memories in us, it - WHOOSH - immediately triggers feelings of happiness. Of course, we find it difficult to do without this seductive experience - especially as we have been used to our skin care products having their own fragrance or our natural cosmetics having the aroma of essential oils for so long. However: fragrances can irritate the skin, bring its pH completely out of balance and disturb the valuable work of the microbiome. A nurturing function? Unfortunately not! It becomes really unpleasant when fragrant skin cosmetics cause an allergic reaction in the form of redness, itching or blisters. Fragrances are one of the most common triggers of contact allergies, from which one in every five people in Germany suffers. The German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) estimates the number of unreported cases to be even higher, because, be honest, if we react sensitively to a cream, cleansing milk or toner, we rarely consult an allergologist. Instead, we usually change the product, invest in an (even more expensive) alternative and hope to tolerate it better

Fortunately, however, a change in thinking is starting to happen. Compatibility is moving into focus and with it the less is more principle. Women consciously avoid all unnecessary ingredients in their cosmetics: fragrances as well as colourings and preservatives. "Free of..." is the new credo. If your new favourite cream bears this label, we recommend it to our best friend with an all-round good feeling. And who would have thought it: We get so quickly used to the fragrance-free cosmetics that after a short time we don't miss anything anymore and instead turn up our noses when we encounter a strongly perfumed face cream.

P.S. Of course we can always still enjoy a great fragrance. Simply spray a touch of perfume on - preferably on the wrists, because there it can unfold especially well.

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November 2020

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