Life is full of moments that we want to share with our best friends. Happiness becomes so much greater, every worry miraculously easier. This is because of the boundless trust that friends give each other - with a deep embrace, an honest criticism, a heartfelt advice. And with every year that we grow older, these great women enrich our lives more and more. Nothing beats a girls' weekend that takes us away from our everyday lives. Or a beauty tip that spares us the tedious search for a really good eye cream. Because let's face it: in a packed week between family, children, job and sports, who among us is not infinitely grateful for a secret weapon in the matter of beauty? The idea of not having to surf the Internet forever or browse through various cosmetics shelves to find out more about complicated-sounding ingredients, modes of action etc. is a dream! Our friend says it works? Then let me try it! Because with her, we can be sure that she is completely behind it. She recommends only the best. Her word carries more weight than any marketing promise - and that's a good thing!

Nothing beats a reliable and loving network of women who exchange ideas, support each other as mentors, give each other strength and carry them through life. There he is! The perfect moment to tell our friends: "How nice that you exist."

November 2020

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