Help - I am getting older and so is my skin - what does my skin really need?

Our skin starts to age in our late 20s, and the unhealthier we live, and the more pollutants and stress factors our skin is exposed to, the faster it ages. To counteract skin aging, we try out a lot of anti-aging products, perhaps even too much and too many superfluous ones. But what does "healthy aging" mean? It is about healthy aging, well-being and maintaining the natural functioning of our skin. We cannot stop our skin from aging, but we can delay and reduce the process!

Let us treat our skin to a healthy aging care program and provide it with everything that keeps it healthy and vital.

What happens as we age?
Over time, our skin produces less lipids, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and the like - natural substances it needs for a healthy metabolism, that ensure good hydration, give it elasticity, and protect it from external influences. The lack of lipids creates gaps in the top layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum. The function of the skin's protective barrier decreases, the pathway is free for irritants to penetrate and for moisture to escape more quickly. Like a wall that is poorly sealed due to a lack of mortar and so becomes unstable. Our skin is turning into a mimosa: sensitive and vulnerable. The natural moisture retention capacity and the transport of water into the cells through moisture channels, the aquaporins, also diminish over the years. A loss of moisture occurs, and the first wrinkles of dryness appear. Welcome into the desert ... Our skin is out of balance.

What is the key to healthy, radiant skin?
Our skin craves moisture throughout its life and a little more as time goes by. By drinking enough and living a healthy lifestyle, we are already doing it a lot of good. We can accompany this with Healthy Aging care that supports the renewal and reconstruction of the skin - based on scientifically founded, biomimetic ingredients - that the skin knows and understands and can thus use optimally for itself: with lipids close to the skin that fill lipid gaps and lock in essential moisture; care that is attuned to the skin's natural ecosystem; with a consistently acidic pH and a clean formula that does away with anything unnecessary - without PEG, silicones, mineral oil or fragrances.
Because then the little miracle happens: the skin's natural repair and regeneration system is stimulated, and the skin is supported in regenerating itself and keeping itself young.

This is exactly what we considered when we developed VENYA. VENYA gives back to the skin what it loses with age and promotes the skin's own protective and regenerative processes.

VENYA is a facial care product for around-the-clock use. It is very uncomplicated to use. In 5 steps, the daily care routine can be (easily? comfortably) integrated into everyday life. Designed for women whose lives with family, love, job, sport, and fun are often a bit overloaded, crazy, and breathless. For women like us and our friends - who simply want to approach skin care more easily and freely – yet are not one  bit willing to forego the effect of good skincare. And why should they?

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