VENYA products make it possible to reduce to the essentials, in a straightforward and highly professional manner. Less is the new more - not only in terms of consumption, energy use or awareness of one's own footprint on this world. In skincare, too, the credo has become “back to the essentials”!

The trend platform Pinterest has chosen "skin minimalism" as THE beauty trend for 2021, marking a trend reversal in beauty. It's not just about decorative cosmetics (bye, bye Contouring, Baking & Co.), but especially about skin care. The movement focuses on naturalness, honesty and practicality. The crisis, the return to the essentials and the new appreciation of one's own time has only strengthened this development.

Instead of rash consumption and fast-moving trends, we long for honesty, clear concepts and real efficiency: fewer complicated steps in our own skincare routine, clean products, transparent and responsible production. Small beauty "flaws" such as pores, pigment shifts or wrinkles are no longer an enemy to be kept in check, but rather features of the individuality of real skin.

Using the skin as a model
This honest and realistic expectation of skin care is the precise brand essence of VENYA. Instead of countless different products, we rely on an uncomplicated 5-step routine; instead of anti-aging we live healthy-aging and instead of fighting against our body’s largest organ, we try to help the skin maintain its natural health with the right ingredients and active mechanisms. To do this, we rely on biomimetics; we have developed exclusive formulas that imitate the skin in its structure. They contain active ingredients that our skin recognizes as natural or that support it in its regeneration and rebuilding work and are optimally tolerated. Our high-performance active ingredients give the skin what it loses as it ages or can no longer produce sufficiently itself, thus supporting it in its natural regeneration processes.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!
The natural pH of the skin also plays an important role. It is the skin’s pH that is damaged by "too much" care or cleansing and as a result can no longer do its job. The consequence: sensitive skin, dryness and intolerances. This is why VENYA uses a pH of 4.9 (collagen spray: 3.6) for its products and thus ensures an acidic skin environment that can then defend itself independently and in a completely natural way against external harmful factors.

Skin minimalism also means saying goodbye to unrealistic and harmful beauty ideals. No more retouched and filter-altered skin! Real skin has visible pores, lines or pigment shifts and as long as skin health is maintained, there is no reason to fight your own skin with overpriced, aggressive active ingredients or methods. Our credo at VENYA is therefore: healthy skin is beautiful skin! That's exactly why we don't want to unsettle women, but rather stand by them in the bathroom with our products and convince them with their effectiveness and practicality.

Becaus time ist precious, now even more than before.

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