Doreen Schumacher, model & entrepreneur, tells all in an interview.

Doreen, how would you describe your skin type?
I always had good skin. A bit sensitive, but I could handle it well. In addition to my job as a set designer, I have been working as a model for many years - good and well-groomed skin is a basic prerequisite for that.

Then that changed. What happened?
During the first lockdown, I tried out a lot - I had time :) After an initial improvement, things turned for the worse. Scaly patches appeared, which I treated with even more care. Then I developed nasty, deep-seated inflammations that I didn't know existed. Sure, I used to have pimples from time to time, but this was something completely different. I looked for new products to treat these too, but no matter what I did, nothing helped. My skin reacted irritably to everything and got worse and worse. I tried everything - from fasting to a gluten-free diet - without success.
In the end, perioral dermatitis developed. Very painful and above all - I knew this - persistent. I have to say, at this point I was extremely frustrated.

You were not very upbeat in your first conversation with us…
…Yes, I remember it very well. I was on an absolute zero diet when it came to skin care, which was totally unpleasant after all the "over-care". I didn't really believe that a "normal" cream could help me anymore. We discussed that I should start very slowly and stop immediately if I felt that my skin was getting worse. I then consistently cared for my skin with VENYA, first with the CLEANSING CREAM, the TONER and the CREAM - without exception, every day. After three weeks, my skin had changed completely! I could hardly believe it, but you could really see how my skin calmed down and became "healthy" again. Then I dared to integrate the other products step-by-step and today I use the entire series. I love to travel a lot and the COLLAGEN SPRAY was in my handbag the entire summer.

How is your skin condition today?
I am totally happy with my skin and have also reconciled myself with it. We treat each other with respect, I would say. In retrospect, I see all the trial and error, the often too aggressive products, as a big mistake, because I also learned an incredible amount about skin and a healthy skin barrier.

Doreen, thank you for sharing your skin story with us.

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