pH value and cosmetics - Why the right pH value and acid mantle are so important for our skin

Our skin likes it acidic!
At VENYA, we want to explain and reveal why an acidic pH value is key to healthy aging, why the pH value is particularly important in cosmetic products and how you can rebalance your skin’s pH value.


What is the pH value?

The pH value indicates how acidic or alkaline a liquid or surface is. The abbreviation pH stands for “pondus Hydrogenii”. This means something like “the weight of hydrogen”.

The pH value can range between 0 (extremely acidic) to 14 (very alkaline).


Good to know:
Our biomimetic skincare products by VENYA are slightly acidic and can therefore support the skin’s health.


The pH value of our skin

The pH value of our skin is slightly acidic, ideally below 5. Why our skin is acidic: The outermost layer of the skin – the epidermis – is where we find the protective acid mantle of our skin. This protective layer is comprised of water, lipids (or fats), enzymes, good bacteria and other substances, and it protects our skin from pathogens, free radicals and viruses. To stop these invaders as quickly as possible, he protective acid mantle and our skin have an acidic pH value Bacteria and viruses have great difficulty reproducing in this environment. What’s more, our skin works best in an acidic skin environment. Essential processes for skin regeneration can take place under ideal conditions in an acidic skin environment.

A stable and acidic pH value below 5 therefore contributes towards an intact protective acid mantle and in turn towards healthy skin.


Key takeaway
An intact protective acid mantle contributes to skin health. You can support the protective acid mantle using cosmetics adapted to the pH value of our skin. The effective concept of our
biomimetic skincare by VENYA is therefore based on a pH value similar to that of the skin.

The pH value for the face – Which cosmetics are best suited?

Healthy facial skin has a natural acidic pH value. Accordingly, facial skin can benefit from skincare with a pH value of less than 5.

Our care products for the face, such as the Healthy Aging Toner or the Healthy Aging Cream have a pH value of 4.9 and reflect the acidic environment of the skin. This pH value helps support skin health, rebalance irritated skin and maintain the protective acid mantle of the skin.


Our biomimetic skincare by VENYA has a pH value of 4.9, which supports the skin’s natural protective mantle and promotes the microbiome balance of the skin.


Healthy aging with VENYA and the right pH value

We can’t stop ourselves and our skin from aging, but we can support our skin in the aging process. This is exactly where Healthy Aging with VENYA comes in. Our biomimetic skincare is designed to help contribute towards your skin’s health and its strong natural protection, the protective acid mantle. With its slightly acidic pH value, effective ingredients and freedom from alcohol and fragrances, VENYA keeps the skin in balance, thereby supporting your skin in a healthy aging process. Care routine with VENYA

  1. At the start of your care routine, you can use th Healthy Aging Cleanser. It gently clears make-up residue and dirtfrom your skin, without throwing the protective acid mantle of your skin off balance
  2. Applied with a cotton pad or by hand, the Healthy Aging Toner removes dead skin cells and clears the skin. The toner also prepares your skin optimally to benefit from subsequent care
  3. The Healthy Aging Multi-Functional Serum is an active concentrate that can reduce expression lineswith peptide complexes. The serum contributes towards improving skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production.
  4. The Healthy Aging Eye Creamis suitable for your sensitive eye area. It helps counter swelling and dark circles, while protecting from moisture loss.
  5. The Die Healthy Aging Cream or the Healthy Aging Cream Rich (for dry skin or stressed winter skin) provide intensive care and maintain the natural protective acid mantle of the skin with their acidic pH value. They also sustainably prevent moisture loss in your skin.



All products in our biomimetic skincare range are designed for skin health. That’s why our products are free from fragrances, colourants, mineral oils, PEGs, silicones and emulsifiers. This makes VENYA suitable even for very sensitive skin. Our skincare is developed and produced in Germany.


The pH value for the body

Different parts of our body have different pH values.

  • Underarms: The pH value of the skin in the underarm area is higher (between 6 and 7), than the rest of the body. The protective acid mantle here is more vulnerable, and bacteria and viruses have an easier time in this environment. This is also why body odours quickly develop here. An acidic cleansing base, such as our VENYA Shower Foam with a pH value of 4.5, can support healthy underarm skin.
  • Intimate area:: The vaginal area of women has an acidic pH value of around 3.5 to 4.5. Our VENYA Shower Foam is dermatologically and gynecologically tested. The acidic pH value of 4.5 supports the natural protective acid mantle and promote the microbiome balance of your skin.

The pH value and protective acid mantle of the skin

The pH value of our skin and the protective acid mantle are directly related to each other. That’s because the protective acid mantle can only be intact and healthy in a slightly acidic environment or with a slightly acidic pH value of below 5. If the pH value is too alkaline,this attacks the protective acid mantle. The skin is then no longer adequately protected from bacteria, viruses, fungi or free radicals.
Moreover, important skin fats (lipids) can no longer be built up. This leads to moisture loss and the skin dries out. Once the protective acid mantle is damaged, the skin can become more and more sensitive.

The consequences of a damaged protective acid mantle include:

  • Development of contact allergies – many products are no longer tolerated
  • Very dry skin and dryness lines
  • Skin infections with bacteria, fungi or viruses
  • Premature skin aging as the weakened skin is unable to withstand free radicals or the sun
  • Acne or spots
  • Neurodermitis
  • Scaly patches
  • Rashes


If you believe that your skin is unhealthy, it is best to go to a dermatologist directly before taking measures independently and possibly worsening the skin’s condition.


The pH value in cosmetics – Why the right pH value is important in skincare

You can actively influence the pH value of the skin with care products – either positively or negatively. Highly alkaline cosmetics, like soap, increase the pH value. If you use these products too often, the skin’s protective acid mantle will be unable to regenerate.

For this reason: Look for a slightly acidic pH value when selecting your cosmetics. The products in our biomimetischen Hautpflege by VENYA have a pH value of 4.9, thereby supporting the skin’s natural protective mantleand promoting the microbiome balance of the skin.The pH value of cosmetics is also important for:

  • Active ingredients and acids: certain active ingredients and acids are only effective if the pH value of the care product is right.
  • Emulsifiers: emulsifiers bind fat and water, which is necessary for making a creme. Fat and water will not combine if the pH value is wrong.
  • Shelf life and preservatives: a care product can be made durable with preservatives. Preservatives are only effective if the pH value of the solution is right.


Our VENYA products are adapted to the pH value of the skin and support your skin in keeping the skin’s pH value in balance.


How do you keep the skin’s pH value balanced?

Keeping your pH value in balance, is actually easier than you might think. That’s because, especially when it comes to our skin, less is more!

Tips for keeping your skin’s pH value in balance:

  • Find a suitable care routine for your skin. Make sure the care products have an acidic pH value. Our care products by VENYA are adapted to the pH value of the skin and contain no fragrances or other irritating ingredients
  • Avoid frequent experimentation or changin between different cosmetics and care products. Using too many lotions, oils, masks, etc. can over-treat the skin. This can also throw the skin’s pH value off balance.
  • A healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and exercise supports an optimal pH value.

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